Shaban - Review

Name: Shaban
Release Date: 20 June 2012
Developer: Petagames


Shaban starts off with comic-style cut scenes, however, no voice overs! Anyhow, the story is very interesting and also feels fresh, it's very creative and scored high on its uniqueness! Graphics are lovely, although not as colorful as expected, but they're pleasant to look at and nice to explore through scenes! As it's Puzzle Adventure game, the gameplay is very imaginative. It contains few FROG scenes, but they're all very challenging, parts of items are very well hidden! Puzzles are entertaining, most of them are old-types but with some new twists, they could have been more instructions for the puzzles as sometimes we're still not sure what to do! The game is also lack of tutorial and real explanation, it might be okay for experienced players but it would be extremely frustrating for those who are new to the genre! The best way to describe this game is to compare it with the all-time blockbuster 'The Tiny Bang Story', although The Tiny Bang Story has better graphics and seems to be more polished but Shaban is still well worth the money if you in love with this type of game! Shaban is an interesting Puzzle Adventure game which should hold your interest all the way through!


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